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Terri’s Cakes has made all the cupcakes and cakes for my daughter’s birthdays. I can’t tell you how many times someone has bitten into a cupcake, smiled and said “wow! That’s really good”. That’s because not only do Terri’s cakes and cupcakes look beautiful, they taste great too. Another comment I hear is “where did you get these?" because they want Terri to make cakes or cupcakes for their event too. Terri is someone who enjoys making your special day even better. Her cakes are surely made with love.
-Dr. Jim Clawson, Addison

I  have had the pleasure of indulging in Terri's phenomenal baking for  many years now! She made my wedding and grooms cakes and we were all  very pleased with the end result. Since then, she has made all of my  sons birthday cakes and I couldn't be happier with her work. She is very  reasonably priced and takes pride in the work she does. She is a  perfectionist and truly cares about what her customers think and will go  above and beyond in order to ensure that all of her products meet her  customers specifications. I have referred a lot of my friends and family  and they have all had the same experience as me and my husband. I  highly recommend her!
-Melissa, Plano

Terri..AKA..Momma,  is the first person I call for ANY of my baked needs. My Son is 9 and  has ALWAYS asked for elaborate cakes for his birthdays and she has never  let us down. I've not found a shape she can't do.  My Son asked for a 3D  tornado cake with debris flying all around it, Terri didn't disappoint!  I NEVER miss an opportunity for Momma food. She can cater just about  any event you can throw at her. Not only that, her prices are  affordable.
- Chasity, Crossroads

Terri  has helped me for three important parties this year, and her work, her  creative and artistic cupcakes, held the center of everyone's attention.  She made cute baby boy images with one winking for our friends'  finding-out-the-pregnancy party. Then she took my unreasonable request  to create the theme of Star Trek with a 3-dimension Enterprise for my  husband's birthday. Seeing those cupcakes was a big surprise for me, for  they truly went beyond my expectation. Then she created baby elephants  and stars with red, blue and white colors for our big French-Taiwanese/  co-ed baby shower. It was a hit! Terri will always be the first person I  call when a party is planned.
-Sunny, Dallas



My First Wedding Cake

Every cake is special.

Hi, I am Terri of Terri's Cakes and Sweets.  My family is beautifully blended consisting of four kids, ranging in age from 14 to 42!  I enjoyed putting  love into every birthday cake for my kids while growing up.. I never dreamed that when my oldest daughter got engaged  that she would ask that I make her wedding cake! I had never done a wedding cake before, but her response to me was "I'm not worried. I know you can do it!" That was 8 years ago, and I guess you can say the rest is history!!! Before I retired from working in the veterinary field I would bake cakes and cupcakes to take to work for celebrations with my co-workers. Baking is therapy for me, and my biggest reward is seeing the smile a bite of one of my cakes puts on a person’s face!
I pride myself on making sure that I treat every request for a cake with special attention to detail and provide the freshest and best tasting cake possible. I enjoy every opportunity I am given to bring a thoughtful creation to ones special occasion.

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